Map of Africa highlighting NamibiaNamibia’s Ministry of Health and Social Services and partners implemented an awareness campaign as part of its national suicide prevention efforts. This was aligned with WHO’s LIVE LIFE Implementation Guide on Suicide Prevention and the Ministry of Health Strategic Plan.

As part of these efforts, a month-long awareness raising campaign was launched in all 14 regions on World Suicide Prevention Day, in commemoration of the World Mental Health Day. The event aimed to promote mental and physical wellbeing through sport and social participation among those using mental health service. It also sought to reduce stigmatization associated with mental illness through their participation in recreational and productive activities. Designed to increase acceptance of people with mental illness, the event attracted media coverage.

Regions held health education activities in different settings targeting different audiences including schools, universities, and workplaces. Radio talks were held in different languages increasing the reach to approximately 80% of the Namibian population. In addition, training on suicide prevention and mental health promotion was integrated in the training for health promotion and community engagement efforts with school personnel, health workers, and community health workers.

[SOURCE: Technical Report, 2021 BMG WHO Collaboration. Health Promotion and Social Determinants of Health Unit, World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa.]

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