Young African students holding signs with "Keep the Promise" on them.

Addressing Determinants of Health and Health Equity to Achieve Sustainable Development through Intersectoral Action

  We value health equity: people and groups working together to create equal opportunities for health and development for all people. This requires collaborative action and coordination across multiple sectors—including …

A color and icon chart with Sustainable Development Goals on it.

Taking Action on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)

Locally, people work together to address health and development goals—e.g., health access, clean water, education—that are important in their context.  This work also occurs nationally, regionally, and locally. Globally, in …

A health worker administering medicine to a child.

Resources for Addressing Health and Development Issues in Your Community

Below are resource links to support your efforts to address particular health and development issues that may be of importance in your country or community: Atlas of African Health Statistics …